Rob Dijkstra - Dutch Champion 1971

Brumm ringrazia il figlio di Rob: Jörgen Dijkstra per l'aiuto fornitoci nella realizzazione di questo modello dedicato alla carriera del padre Rob Dijkstra in onore del quale è stata inoltre realizzata l'Abarth 1000TCR replica.
Brumm thanks the son of Rob: Jörgen Dijkstra for the support in this project dedicated to Rob career as well has been manufactured the replica of his Abarth 1000TCR.
S08/03 ( Serie Limitata 500pz. )
Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR
Zandvoort 1971 Sony Racing Team
Rob Dijkstra #10 - Dutch Champion 1971
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S08/03B ( Italian Edition 500pz. )
Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR
Zandvoort 1971 Sony Racing Team
Rob Dijkstra #10 - Dutch Champion 1971
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ll modello è un nuova edizione identica alla prima denominata "Italian Edition" nata per soddistare le richieste inevase della 1a edizione. La dicitura "Italian Edition" presente su scatola ed etichetta identificativa è l'unica differenza rispetto al S08/03.

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S08/03R ( Replica scala 1:1 )
Fiat Abarth 1000 TCR
Zandvoort 1971 Sony Racing Team
Rob Dijkstra #10 - Dutch Champion 1971

Trattasi di una replica in scala 1:1 realizzata per partecipare a fiere ed eventi Brumm come ad esempio:

4° Brummraduno 15 Maggio 2009 info
- Hobby Model Expo 25-27 Settembre 2009

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Biography of Rob Dijkstra 1942 - 1986
In Bussum they remind himself perhaps the fourteen-year old boy who was perpetuated on a photograph in the newspaper. He had constructed a one cycle bicycle which was this way high, which he had climb in a tree of start is possible. Rob went regularly on the moped to Zandvoort circuit. As a drummer he played a time in the link Explosions. In 1965, he bought a five year old Fiat 600.On Zandvoort saw he regularly Abarths and as a Rob on holiday he went at Abarth and Nardi along buy stuff in Italy will. At home he started repair and two years later he became second in the Dutch championship group 2 up to 850cc. He had no drifting school, no racing school visited, only a medical sport testing undergoes. Small characteristic: the day before its first race married he his Anneke, drank on the reception rapidly a glass of Champaign and hastened to the garage to lay the last hand to its racing car. In 1968, Rob bought a real Fiat Abarth 1000, of Ed Swart. He won its first race. In the second race he twisted its engine. End season for him. The opening came in 1969. He found prepared as a sponsor Sony to action, more strongly: he cooperated in forming Sony-team. He got of for its Abarth a new engine of 10,000 guilders, twisted without breakdown and became Dutch champion. Rob was a excessively on Zandvoort, a young gay with then already long hair. In 1970, offered Ford United Kingdom to will drive for its mark. He remained its Sony-team faithful and got a brand-new Fiat Abarth. Beside the Abarth he also still drove Ford for Sony-Johnson Wax in a Lotus 61 formula. But after enormous crash on Welschap airport he has driven never more in a formula racing car.

The need destiny found Rob in the middle of 1970. The garage at its house burned down. Nothing remained more of the brand-new Abarth. Gone engines of other drivers which he prepared. Damage: 76,000 guilders and the building had been only insured. In the winter he built in old 850 Abarth of Sony-team a new 1000cc engine. And he became Dutch champion. The year then he prolonged that title with as head head sponsorship London Drinks of home. In 1973, he will keep on driving with a Fiat 128 - Trivilatto, sponsored Leonard long E.G. The Fiat is picked up with a partisan in Vicenza. At home wards the engine built in by experts is immediately obtained from each other still what extra pk's to find. Testing the racing cars happened at night in the polder. Many times he has been apprehended by the police force for noise nuisance. The police force Rob a number of has accompanied many time to the circuit so that he starts on time to could be. The Fiat gave much engine problems and for components one flew just as to Italy.

After the Fiat Rob concerning to the Renault 5 label cup stepped. Racing in the "dog house" descended him good, here too he was find at the front. Of the small Renault five he changed to the large work, the Camaro. Sponsored West country mortgages bought he the Camaro van Stuart Graham for 3000 pond. The last year drove round the Camaro in the virginal blank. No sponsor had been found and Rob has stopped at the end of that season with racing.

Repairing was Rob in blood and will himself occupy with motor cycle sixdays and motor endurance with motor cycles. A hobby where he lived much pleasure to. To be last hobby was his new Ferrari be. Unfortunately Rob on 44 person whose birthday it is age has died to a stroke of apoplexy at its work.

Rob Dijkstra - Zandvoort Trophy 1969
Fiat Abarth 1000
Zandvoort Trophy (1969)
1° Rob Dijkstra #38
Sony Racing Team
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ll modello è regolarmente in vendita nel catalogo Brumm ( codice R419) ed è stato realizzato nel 2007 in una edizione speciale per il mercato olandese come parte di una serie di 4 vetture partecipanti al Zandvoort Trophy con una confezione speciale.

"Le Olandesine" - "Zandvoort altijd prijs!"

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