info Norimberga 2006

Atom- Bomben
fürs Kinderzimmer

(GB) In everyone's mind eye the words Hiroshima and Nagasaki have always evoked the nuclear tragedy. However very few people know the actual appearance of the bombs that caused this tragedy. With the faithful scale reproductions of "Fat Man" and "Little Boy", we plan to provide a small historical contribution so as not to forget what generated the worst catastrophe of the twentieth century.

(F) Dans l'imaginaire collectif, les mots Hiroshima et Nagasaki évoquent toujours la tragédie nucléaire. Seuls peu d'entre nous savent réellement à quoi ressemblent ces engins explosifs qui ont causé cette catastrophe. En reproduisant à l'échelle 1/43e les bombes “Fat Man” et “Little Boy”, nous avons voulu apporter notre petite contribution historique pour ne jamais oublier ce qui a causé la plus grande catastrophe humanitaire du XXe siècle.

(D) Der Gedanke der gemeinhin mit den Wörtern Hiroshima und Nagasaki verbunden wird, ist stets die atomare Tragödie. Lediglich wenige haben eine reale Vorstellung der Sprengkörper, die diese verursacht haben. Mit der Herstellung des Modells von “Fat Man” und “Little Boy” möchten wir einen kleinen geschichtlichen Beitrag leisten, um den Grund nicht zu vergessen, der die größte Kriegskatastrophe des 20. Jahrhunderts ausgelöst hat.

(ES) En el imaginario colectivo las palabras Hiroshima y Nagasaki han desde siempre evocado la tragedia nuclear. Sólo pocos tienen la verdadera conciencia de los ingenios que la causaron. Con los modelos en escala de “Fat Man” y “Little Boy”queremos proponer un pequeño aporte histórico para que no se olvide lo que fue la más grave calamidad bélica del siglo 20.

Big news at the International Toy Fair in Nuremberg this year.

To say that the 1:1 scale reproduction of "Littleboy" ( the nickname given by the US Army to the first atomic bomb) was an incredible surprise is an understatement... The local newspaper "Abendzeitung" dedicate the first page of the evening edition to this event, with the title "Atomic bombs for the children's bedroom...", while for the team of Modelli Auto, the famous Italian specialist magazine "Littleboy" 's stabilizing wings were no more than a comfortable little table... (see picture)

The scale reproductions of the two atom bombs of Hiroshima and Nagasaki will be available soon; all information is on the dedicated web-site where you can subscribe to the news-letter.

Not only boms...

Soon to appear are the pictures of the other novelties presented at the Nuremberg Fair: the assembly line at the Fiat Mirafiori factory...the kit which is 60 cm long... and others...mmm explosive novelties!